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Hazelwood Farms Covenants and Bylaws

The Covenants and Bylaws were among the many legal documents you received within days of signing the contract for your new home. We hope that you took time to read and understand them.

The Covenants and Bylaws are a binding legal obligation between the Hazelwood Farms Homeowners Association and each lot owner in the plan and they "run with the land" as part of your deed of ownership. Our Covenants and Bylaws assure the residents of certain minimum standards for land use, architectural design and property maintenance throughout the plan. They also provide for your membership in the Hazelwood Farms Homeowners Association, and establish the mechanism for the operation of the association.

Because of the legal, contractual nature of the Covenants and Bylaws, it is important that any questionable exterior alterations to residential properties covered by them be approved by the Hazelwood Farms Homeowners Association board. If an alteration is made without approval, you incur the risk of legal action in order to compel modifications consistent with the covenants and bylaws. Such legal action may cloud the title on your property.

The Covenants and Bylaws are not easily changed. The Covenants requires 66%, and the Bylaws require 75% of all lot owners in the plan who must agree to change the documents. Members may cast one vote per lot if changes to the Covenant or Bylaws are proposed.

The goal of these Covenants and Bylaws is to keep our community an attractive and desirable place in which to live, and we hope their use will provide a practical means of accomplishing this goal.

If any differences arise between the original filed documents and these electronic version copies, the original filed documents will take precedent.

Covenants document
April 26, 2003 Covenants Amendment document
July 13, 2011 Sidewalk Adendum document

Bylaws document
March 10, 2004 Bylaws Amendment document

2023/06/02 - A draft has been created of possible changes to the Covenants and Bylaw documents. These changes will be voted on by all Hazelwood Farms residents. Please take some time to read then so you can make an informed choice. The changes are in red.

Draft Amended Hazelwood Covenants document

Draft Amended Hazelwood Bylaws document

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