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Hazelwood Farms Homeowners Association

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Current Hazelwood Farms Board of Directors

Kyle Jackson – President *
Shawn Widenhofer – Secretary *
Tim Cindrich – Treasurer *
Ray Lewis – Director
Rosalyn Piecka - Director
* - Position Open for Nominations July 2014


The Homeowner’s association would like to thank Dawn Tocci for sponsoring the garage sale. Dawn has been a great asset to the community promoting both the garage sale and the community as a whole. If you are looking to buy or sell a home, please consider Dawn Tocci as your representative.
Next, the HOA would also like to thank Colleen Reynolds for hosting the fall party, in mid October 2013.
Finally, the HOA would like to thank Jeremy Love for shoveling snow at the bus stop. Jeremy took it upon himself to shovel the northern side of the street for the elementary and middle school students.

Thank you to everyone mentioned above.


HOA dues for 2015 will again be reduced by $25 to $75 for 2015. This is due to PA laws regarding HOA reserve balance, cost cutting on expenses and work that was budgeted for and not completed. Dues may be raised in the future depending on reserve levels and future projects.


The old sign was showing signs of wear after 12 or more years at the front of the plan. The sign at the front of the plan has been replaced and some of the trees removed. The sign replacement process was a long process and we received 3 bids from different manufacturers. Other enhancements will be done to the sign area related to the small shrubs in front of the sign. Also planting smaller and better suited trees to hide the electric meter will be done in the near future.


Plans are in the works for a block party in the August 2014 timeframe prior to the kids going back to school.

Slow Down campaign

Twenty-three neighborhoods – a record high for the program’s four years in Cranberry – have signed up to participate in the Township’s two-phase Slow Down driving campaign this year. Phase One, timed to alert drivers to the school year’s end, will be held between June 6 and June 19. Phase Two, timed to coincide with the resumption of school, will run from August 25 through September 8. At their April 24 meeting, Cranberry’s Board of Supervisors was given a briefing on plans for the safety campaign. Elements of the 2014 effort will include post-mounted street signs, yard signs, a speed trailer, increased police presence, and a speed study. The goal of the campaign is to raise motorists’ awareness of their own driving habits, encourage them to slow down, and to be vigilant for children in and around Township roadways.


It’s that time of year again. We are looking for three new members to join the Hazelwood Farms Homeowners Association. If you would like to join the board, or nominate someone for the position, please write the names below. This is for a two year term on the HOA board, with meetings occurring approximately once every two months.
We are also updating the Hazelwood Farms website and would like an updated email address and phone number for all the households in the development. Even if you are not interested in nominating anyone for a ballot, we would appreciate the below portion of this slip back with your updated personal information.
Please fill out below portion and place in the mailbox at 108 Hazelwood Drive by June 21, 2014.


HOA Ballot

Updated Email and Phone Number

Alternate Email:________________________________________________________________________
Phone Number_________________________________________________________________________


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